I remember the night vividly, the dry juniper logs crackling on the fire, their bright light providing the only barrier from the oncoming cool desert night. My little green tent faintly aglow in its light, the eerie haunted sound of coyotes echoing in the distance. When I heard his footsteps I jumped and turned around quickly, wishing that I had something to protect myself with. I guess there was always the fire. I would use it, as a last resort. “It’s funny,” he said, in a gravelly smoke stained voice, “that this is all that is left of animals after they die. It seems like there should be more.”
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Hot pants! Cha!



Cover your digknitty with these!

If you like stockinette stitch. These pants are for you! Pattern Here

They are really quite easy to complete, though it took me some thinking to wrap my brain around how to attach the lace border. Like some of my other online knitters, I too used far less yarn than was called for.

As far as fit goes, I measure about 36 inches around my hips, but knitted the extra small size (33.5 inches at hips), so this is what it looks like with 2.5 inches or 7% negative ease. I wouldn’t have gone any smaller as it is pretty form fitting, but if you are considering what size for yourself, you’ll be able to see how they fit on me.

At first, I was a bit frightened by the sheer amount of lacey fringe on the bottom of the legs, but really it doesn’t look too bad in the pictures. Also these pictures were taken before the pants were washed, so the lace might relax and drape a little better after that.

Why underthings? I don’t really even know. They seem like they will be great loungewear and they go along with my quest to become throughly modern by swearing like a sailor and wearing underthings with *gasp* separate legs!

An Ignoble End

So recently I’ve been playing the Sock Wars
game. It’s a pretty simple idea. You are given a dossier which includes the shoe size and address of your victim. Then you knit up a pair of socks for your victim and mail it off to them. This effectively “assassinates” them and then they have to mail to you their socks in progress and their target and you finish them and kill their target. And so it goes, and so it goes until one remains.

I, the great assassin The Oncoming Storm, have already killed my target, A Little Quacky. Today though, when I was getting the mail, I met my unfortunate demise. I was killed by The Highland Warrior, a knitter from Scotland who sent me a nice present in addition to my delectable socks. Sock Wars: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

The Oncoming Storm\'s end.

Can\'t run fast enough!

Cashmere Toreador Dice Bag

What a little extra cashmere can do for you and your nerdy self!

Behold my not-so-inner nerd!

This was a very fast and fun project. I made this dice bag for a Toreador vampire character that I have been playing on Sunday nights. The Toreador are known for their taste and love of the aesthetic, so my left over cashmere seemed perfect. I modified the pattern and added more rows initially so that the bottom was more square and less rectangular. These seem like they might also be fun to felt (you’d have to make them a little bigger).

I stitched the Toreador rose on the bag, and let me tell you, it is very different stitching on knitted material. If you decide to do this be sure to stitch through a backing material (in my case black broadcloth). This provides support to your design. The stitches migrate a lot, so be ready for that and it helped me to stitch a quick “stick figure” of the rose and them embroider over that..

The tie is more about form than function (perfect for a Torie), I found some beads at my local Michaels and threaded them through.

It took about two evenings to complete the entire project. I hope you enjoyed it! I used one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn on size 4 dpns.

It\'s so cute!

Protected: What Dreams May Come

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Hello world!

And thus begins my deep, dark, descent into the bloggosphere. I hope to include various knitting adventures as well as just random thesis updates and general shenanigans.

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