On Fear, Pain, and Change

I usually do my best thinking in the shower, I think because it is the one place that forces me to be frank with myself.  There I have to confront all sorts of imperfections and problems.  A little too much pudge here, toenails that need trimming, ingrown hairs.  I notice the small things like how it takes the skin on my hand just an almost imperceptible amount of time longer to spring back into place.  I can’t deny that I’m getting older, and that right now, in this moment, I’ll be the youngest I’ll ever be again.

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As though we had never fallen…

In our next lifetime we’ll take care to not be human
We’ll be two wild geese flying high in the sky
The blinding snows
The seas and waters
The mountains and clouds
The red dusts of the world
From far above we shall see them
As though we had never fallen.

-Poet named something like Enquin Cauque, mentioned in the movie Winged Migration.

Grand Mesa