Charlotte’s Dice Bag

Download the pattern (PDF) for free here: Charlotte Dice Bag

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Zombies love BRAAAAIIINNNSSS…and literature.

My friend Ben just got a story webpublished! If you enjoy zombies you might enjoy this different point of view: Riding Shotgun

Just a taste: I suppose this answers the question about the existence of a human soul. By all rights I know I should be gone. At least I hope so. I should have listened to the preacher more closely. Learned what I had to learn so that when I finally pass from this torment, I know my soul is going somewhere. (Read more at the link above).


I remember the night vividly, the dry juniper logs crackling on the fire, their bright light providing the only barrier from the oncoming cool desert night. My little green tent faintly aglow in its light, the eerie haunted sound of coyotes echoing in the distance. When I heard his footsteps I jumped and turned around quickly, wishing that I had something to protect myself with. I guess there was always the fire. I would use it, as a last resort. “It’s funny,” he said, in a gravelly smoke stained voice, “that this is all that is left of animals after they die. It seems like there should be more.”
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Hello world!

And thus begins my deep, dark, descent into the bloggosphere. I hope to include various knitting adventures as well as just random thesis updates and general shenanigans.