An Ignoble End

So recently I’ve been playing the Sock Wars
game. It’s a pretty simple idea. You are given a dossier which includes the shoe size and address of your victim. Then you knit up a pair of socks for your victim and mail it off to them. This effectively “assassinates” them and then they have to mail to you their socks in progress and their target and you finish them and kill their target. And so it goes, and so it goes until one remains.

I, the great assassin The Oncoming Storm, have already killed my target, A Little Quacky. Today though, when I was getting the mail, I met my unfortunate demise. I was killed by The Highland Warrior, a knitter from Scotland who sent me a nice present in addition to my delectable socks. Sock Wars: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

The Oncoming Storm\'s end.

Can\'t run fast enough!

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